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Super Viga 990000 In Lahore | 03003147666 ₨1,500


Description Posted On: 01 February 2024

Super Viga 990000 In Pakistan

Super Viga 990000 In Pakistan

Super Viga 990000 Delay Spray with Natural Ginseng Extract is a topical spray designed to help men delay ejaculation during sexual activity. In addition to the lidocaine found in the Super Viga 350000 Delay Spray, this spray also contains natural ginseng extract, which has been used for centuries as a traditional herbal remedy to support male sexual health.

Ginseng is known to have various health benefits, including reducing stress, improving energy levels, and boosting libido. The addition of ginseng extract to the Super Viga 990000 Delay Spray may provide added benefits for men looking to enhance their sexual performance and overall sexual health.

By reducing sensitivity in the penis and delaying ejaculation, the spray can improve sexual performance and allow for longer, more satisfying sexual experiences. Additionally, the natural ginseng extract may provide an energy boost and improve overall sexual vitality.

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