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Regal Plus Capsule Imported from USA available now across Pakistan. 03186763953 ₨2,800


Description Posted On: 27 December 2021

Regal Plus Capsule Price in Pakistan

In step with the clinical researches, premature ejaculation is the second maximum common sexual dysfunction seen in 30% – 40% of guys. in case you be afflicted by premature ejaculation you may without problems manage this sexual disorder obviously through the use of regal plus™ supplement which has the right combination of the satisfactory elements to maintain erection and manipulate untimely ejaculation.particular symptoms of the situation include ejaculation that constantly or almost constantly happens inside nearly one minute or much less of vaginal penetration.


The lack of ability to postpone ejaculation and terrible effect associated with the condition – stress, frustration and avoidance of intimacy and so forth. the precise cause of the disorder is unknown, but the contributing factors are considered to be both psychological and biological.

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