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FATEH – 60 Capsules Imported from USA available now across Pakistan. 03186763953 ₨2,000


Description Posted On: 12 January 2022

100% Herbal, Tib e Nabvi based male strength and fertility aid.

Benefits – Minimizes joint pain, Promotes Fertility, Helps Build Muscle, Boosts Testosterone, Increases Libido and Endurance.

Ingredients –

Shilajit, Sonth, Ginseng, Ginko, Baloba, Asgand, Satawar, Ghokhru Khurd, Anber, Zafran, Qust e Shireen, Agar Lakri

Packaging details – 60 capsules, Food grade PET Bottle

Dosage – 2 Capsules daily  – 1 morning 1 evening

Fateh is a natural solution to the challenges faced by men including fertility strength and vitality, with ZERO side effects!

A steady workout routine is recommended to boost the process and achieve maximum results.

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