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Efero Breast Enhancement Cream ₨2,600


Description Posted On: 25 August 2021

Newest Breast Massage Enhancement Cream | Bust Enlargement Care Lift Up Firming for Women Promotion

Contains multi plant essences,can quickly penetrate and absorb,nourishes breast skin.
Helps to improve the dryness of  the breast,rough,dull and other,makes breast skin plump and elastic.Making chest skin plump, firm, soft, shiny and elastic.
Enlarge your breast without breast enlargement surgery, safer and more practical.
If you have any skin discomfort,please stop using it.
Produce Date:Near Date
Expire Date:2-3 Years Later
Net weight:40g
Ingredients:Dimethicone,butyrospermum parkii oil,butylene glycol,vitis vinfera seed oil,cetearyl alcohol,propylene glycol,etc.
Usage Method:Take appropriate amount of this product after bathing with hot water every evening, evenly smear on both sides of the breast, massage the breast from the outside to the inside circle for a while.

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