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Durex Soft Silicone Dotted Ribbed Condom in Karachi | 03003147666 ₨1,500


Description Posted On: 01 February 2024

Durex Soft Silicone Dotted Ribbed Condom in Pakistan

Durex Soft Silicone Dotted Is The expiration date is printed on the back of each foil as well as on the bottom or side of the box. Utilize only items that have not expired. Although the lubrication in Durex condoms is already adequate, you might wish to add more for a more comfortable encounter. The Durex condoms are compatible with all Durex lubricants. When used as instructed, condoms are a reliable method of stalling and preventing conception. For proper use, refer to the directions.         How To Use?

the inside condom in water.
Wash it with liquid detergent for 60 seconds.
Repeat the Rinse.
Use clean tissues or towels to pat it dry, or let it air dry.
Durex Soft Silicone, Just before reuse, relubricate it with vegetable oil.
We Respect Your Right to Privacy! You may be sure that nothing is written on the package or label when we ship our toys, making it impossible to determine what is inside.

Important Information:Safety Warning:Warning:

This Product Is For Adults Only. It Is Not A Contraceptive. Don’t Share It With Multiple Partners. Please Read The Leaflet Inside The Pack Carefully.

Discreet Packaging:

We Care About Your Privacy! When We Ship Our Toys You Can Be Sure That Nothing Is Written On the Package Or Label So It Is Impossible To Tell What’s Inside The Package

Do Condoms Expire?

Durex Condoms Normally Have A Shelf Life Of 3 Years. You Can Find The Expiration Date On The Bottom Or Side Of The Box As Well As On The Back Of Each Foil. Only Use Products That Are Within Date.

Do Thin Condoms Break Easily?

All Durex Condoms Are Safe To Use

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